Facebook Smart phone by 2013 with new version of Hardware, Software in New Smart Phone

FACEBOOK Smart Phone by 2013? Facebook also is going to hit the Mobile Market with its New Smart Phone with Apple's Engineers, it looks style&Smart. challenge the Google?
Facebook name is enough no need of introduce it. Now it is on its way to launching a New Smart Phone next year. This Smart Phone is under a Team of 6 ex-Engineers of Apple, who create the  Apple's IPHONE for to the World and APPLE capture the Market with its I Phones. The Internet Search Gaint Google also launched the Smart Phone in the Name of "Motorola Mobility". Facebook also in the way to the Mobile Market by launching Smart Phone by coming up year.
The Economists saying that Facebook is  in search of Revenue from Mobiles also, this causes the Smart Phone Creation from the Social Network Gaint FACEBOOK. Smart Phone will hit the market with its own Applications in the Smart Phone. With new developed Hardware & Software by the I Phone Engineers. Smart Phone is under develop with help of Mobile Industrialists, Operators, Hardware Producers, Operating System Providers and Application Developers the FACEBOOK is going to create Wonder  in Mobile Market, the Facebook is in strong will to get its market in the Mobile Market also. The challenge the APPLE & GOOGLE in the Mobile market also.Smart Phone will shake the Mobile Stands, like Apple and Google.
Wish FACEBOOK SMART PHONE a huge success!


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