Samsung Galaxy Note-2 on September, 5.5 Display

South Korean Mobile big fish SamsunG planned Galaxy Note-II on September, with more features than its latest Galaxy Note review. Apple also planed iPhone 5 in the same month. Actually SamsunG Galaxy Note-2 expected on October, Launching of iPhone 5 changed the SamsunG's strategy before than its planned. These two giants of Mobile Market are ready to heat the cool winter with its new launches to the Mobile lovers. Galaxy Note -2 will have Android Operating System(OS) best than Galaxy Note, Screen 5.5" Amoled Display Screen. Marketing specialists expecting High Resolution as 1680X1050 pixel, Dual Core Exynos 5250 Processor, 8 Mega Pixel Cam, 2 GB Ram, Sounds like Galaxy S III which is the best now. Best Smart phone from this giant would hit market and shake the US market first that also with rival Apple iPhone 5, Galaxy Note 2 .
After big success of SamsunG Galaxy S 3 and Galaxy Note which hit the Mobile Stands successfully, the range of Galaxy Note -2 are very high,and also comparing with Apple upcoming new launch iPhone 5 series next generation Smart Phone. Engineers of both Giants are restlessly working for their new products to make big success in the markets. Market analyzers also feel nervous who is going to win Gold Medal, not in London Olympics only in Mobile Market. Both companies are denying to comment on rumors which are hitting daily on Nets. So a Mobile lovers we must welcome both products make big success.


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