AP Govt Temporary Health Cards for Govt Employees Pensioners Families

AP Govt Employees & Pensioners will get Temporary Health Cards(THC) for Cashless Health treatment at Hospitals by 31-3-2013. Permanent Health Cards issue by 31-7-2013. Enrollment centers at RDO.
AP Govt will issue Temporary Health Cards for Govt Employees first then a Permanent Health Cards for Govt Employees and Pensioners. The Govt of Andhra Pradesh is preparing Temporary Health Cards for all Government Employees and Pensioners in the State. There are 8,60,000 Govt Employees and 5,40,000 Pensioners in the State, the nearly 14,00,000 Employees /Pensioners and their Families will benefit from this Health Cards(HC), which are issuing for the purpose of Cashless Treatment for the Employees and Pensioners under the Health Scheme. This Card will facilitate for the Employees and Pensioners a good Health Scheme for the all Govt Employees and Pensioners. The Govt is planning to issue these Cards by Telugu New Year Ugadi (11-4-2013). 
The New Permanent Health Cards consists the Finger Prints of Employees and their Families, Pensioners and their Families in this Cards. The Govt Officials and Unions of Employees recently discussed about the Health Scheme, Treatments, Limit of Amount for Treatment, Out Patient Services, etc.. facilities demand from the Unions, although the Officials agreed there are some technical problems. The Employees need to pay amount of Rs.90 &120 under 2 categories for Health Cards.
Important Health Card information HIGHLIGHTS :
  • 14 lakhs Families of AP Govt Employees&Pensioners (8.6 lakh Employees&5.4 lakh Pensioners) are benefiting from this new Health Scheme.
  • First Govt will issue Temporary Health Cards for 40,00,000 Beneficiary Employees and Pensioners & Families by March 31st 2013.
  • The Govt will identify the Corporate and Private Hospitals for Treatment of Employees&Pensioners.
  • Treatment through Temporary Health Cards from Ugadi(11-4-2013) onwards, till permanent Health Cards issue.
  • The decisions on Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada Municipal Corporation Employees, Aided Teachers Eligibility for Health Scheme will finalize very soon.
  • The University Staff is not eligible for this Health Scheme.
  • Health Scheme run under the Aarogyasree Trust for now only. 
  • The Govt establish Special Enrollment Centers at every Revenue Division (RDO) for both Employees and Pensioners, they need to enroll Personal and Families information and Finger Prints also for issue Permanent Health Cards by July last 2013.


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