Eaadhar.uidai.gov.in How to Download/Edit My Aadhar Card Easy steps

Aadhar Card now Download and Edit/Change Online also for all Eligible Indians from now onwards. The UIDAI issue new guidelines and easy steps to Download &Edit Name, Address, DOB, M/F, etc.
The UIDAI announce a good news to all AADHAR Card not received, a Self service Update Portal launched. The Aadhar not received from the Postal failure although Lakhs of AADHAR Cards are still at every Post Office(PO), but not delivering them to the Applicants or beneficiaries. The Govt of India changes every subsidy Scheme linking with Aadhar Card like Old Age Pensions, Gas distribution, etc..The waiting by Applicants of Aadhar Card are in tension because every transaction with Govt is through the Aadhar Card only, like Gas subsidy Cylinders also linked with Aadhar from next month every Gas Booking must accompany with Aadhar Card only, otherwise Customers pay full amount to each Gas Cylinder. The Old Age Pension also linked with Aadhar Card, from last 2 months the Officials asking submission of Aadhar is must for every month Pension. These Problems are now over from now, the UIDAI decided to put all Aadhar Cards on Online from now this facilitate very much to all beneficiaries.
Enter http://eaadhar.uidai.gov.in, after entering the Official website follow these guidelines to download Aadhar from your Computer also and Edit the Application from your computer.
Type 14 Digit Number, Date, Name,  Pin code which was given at the time of Enrollment.
A SMS with temporary Pass Word to Your Mobile Phone immediately after complete the above said information(The Mobile Number which you entered at the time of Enrollment only).
The Pass Word (SMS) type at the appearing Box, then a PDF File carrying Your AADHAR Card Appear on the Screen.
Take a Printout of the AADHAR CARD use as it Original for all occasions which are ever necessary by You.
The Aadhar Cards may came with some mistakes made at the time of enrollment by the UIDAI Staff or translating from the English to Regional Languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Odisha, Punjab, Marathi, Konkani, Gujarathi, Rajasthani, Malayalam, Bengali, etc.. languages there are lot mistakes when translating to Regional Language the Names, Address, Date of Birth(DOB), Sex(Male/Female) and also Mobile/Cell Number also if changes from the once you had gave at first enrollment. The is the best option to Edit their Aadhar Card(Enrollment) from ourselves make without any mistake, now follow these guidelines to Edit Your Aadhar Card from any where in the Country.
After entering the Official Website www.uidai.gov.in follow instructions given below-
Select the Option which You want to Edit from the given options-
On the Right side of Screen "Update Your Aadhar Data" click this link. Here ask Your Aadhar Card No., then enter Your Aadhar No. A SMS to Your Mobile with a Pass Word. Enter this Pass Word on the given Box then Your Data gave at the time of Enrollment will appear on the Screen, then change/Edit Your Data as you wish or correct the Data where You find mistake.
Here the Computer asks you or give options to change in the  Name, Sex(Male/Female), Date of Birth, Address options are available. Change what mistakes you found in them. For Date of Birth and Address change You need to upload the proof of ID in support You want to change other wise it can't process. After completing the process of Edit/Correct the Aadhar Data a Acknowledgement will received by You also. After 4 weeks a New Updated Aadhar Card will send from Your nearest Aadhar Regional Center through Post Or you can view the Updated Aadhar Card and take Printout/Download the AADHAR CARD.
This is Self Service Update Service: EDIT AADHAR CARD


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