Intermediate 1st/2nd Year Students Write Devanagirilipi for Sanskrit Answers

BIEAP made crucial decision on 1st year Intermediate Students Sanskrit Exam and Answer must in  Devanagirilipi only. 2nd Languages Text Books with new Syllabus for Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Marathi, Kannada, French, Persian, Arabic, etc. 
Board of Intermediate made a important decision on Sanskrit Language the 1st year Intermediate Students must write Sanskrit Answers on Devanagirilipi only will start from this Academic Year 2013-14. The Intermediate Students easy way to earn Marks is Sanskrit Language nearly 5,000 above Students got 99% marks in last year IPE Academic year 2012-13, in the same way the Telugu Language studied Students got 99 marks below 100 Students only this shows how crazy is Sanskrit language is. To stop this variation between the Sanskrit and other 11 Languages(BIEAP approved languages) are Telugu, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, Parsian, French, Arabic, etc.as choose 2nd language by the Intermediate Students but only Sanskrit is became premium Language to score good marks and easy way when compare with other languages. BIEAP actually planed 60% Devanagirilipi and 40% Answers in Medium studying Intermediate writing system from last year, but due to lack of time the officials decided to implement this Devanagirilipi only system from this year for 1st year Students made compulsory. This is updated news on Intermediate Education as on 7-9-2013.
Board of Intermediate implementing this system from next academic year that is 2014-15 for 2nd year Intermediate Students will go for this Sanskrit Language Exam Answers in Devanagirilipi only. The 2nd year Intermediate Students will get 2nd Language new Text Books with new Syllabus for Sanskrit, Telugu, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Arabic, Persian, French, etc.. from the next academic 
NO MARKS if Students not write Sanskrit Answer in Devanagirilipi only, the Answers which Students did not write in Devanagirilipi, no marks for such Answers will be awarded and this is final decision on this issue, the Arabic also will come under this system, the Arabic Students also need to write Answers in Arabic language only. The new Syllabus Text Books for 2nd language will start from this year 2013-14 and 2nd year new Syllabus Text Books from 2014-15 the system will implement said and confirmed by the BIEAP Secretary.


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