Bieap Inter 2nd year Chemistry Practicals Syllabus from 2013-14

Bieap.gov.in Sr/2nd Inter Chemistry Practicals new Syllabus effective from 2013-14 academic year. This Year more tough and high level Practical topics on Chemistry Subject. Exam Fee Last Date extended.
BIEAP issued new Syllabus for Chemistry Practicals for Senior Inter/2nd year Inter Students from 2013-14, this was because Inter Board change the 2nd year Intermediate Syllabus from 2013-14 academic year and leads to change the Syllabus for Practicals also of Physics and Chemistry. This year Sr Inter students (M.P.C./Bi.P.C.) are going to face more problems with present syllabus extra burden on students. Till 2009 the Chemistry Practical Exams are for 30 marks for 2 practicals and now more questions for practicals in the same time of 3 hours. Some objections on the new practicals syllabus from the Subject Specialists the topics of Chemistry practicals exam with high level and common students did not able to attend these practicals and leads to pressure on them. Some objections raised on this practicals syllabus by the subject Jr lecturers, but the Board Officials said that Objections are common when the syllabus changes and our specialists go through these objections and clarifies it is as per the Bieap. The Board changes the both Theory and Practicals syllabus from this academic year for Sr Inter Education. Some questions changes to 4 marks to 6 marks in practical examinations from this year.
Bieap Sr Inter Chemistry Practical Exam Syllabus:
A. Surface Chemistry,
B. Chemical Kinetics,
C. Thermochemistry,
D. Electrochemistry,
E. Chromatography,
F. Preparation of Inorganic Compounds,
G. Preparation of Organic Compounds,
H. Tests for the functional groups present in organic compounds,
I. Characteristic tests of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in pure samples and their detection in given food stuffs,
J. Determination of concentration /molarity of KMnO4 solution by titrating against a standard solution of :
a. Oxalic acid, b. Ferrous ammonium sulfate.
K. Qualitative analysis,
PROJECT: At www.bieap.gov.in

Due to floods in most of State, Last Date for Fee payment: 
Inter Jr/Sr Exam Fee Last Date extended: 5-11-2013 without Late Fee.
Late Fee Rs.100/- Last Date: 8-11-2013.


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