Fdp.cgg.gov.in Udyogasri Permanent Health Cards for Govt Employees/Pensioners

Fdp.cgg.gov.in AP Govt Employees&Pensioner Permanent Health Cards from February 2014, Temporary Health Cards complete by January 2014. Enter Employees through their Offices&Pensioner Direct Entry at efj.cgg.gov.in.
AP Govt Employees and Pensioners are going to get Permanent Health Cards by February 2014 and issue of Temporary Health Cards by January 2014 for Employees and Pensioners. Arogyasri Trust Chief Executive Officer-CEO said that Data collecting of Employees and Pensioners for Udyogasri Health Scheme at fast phase the Employees are submitting their Data to the DDOs and transfer to the Govt for issue Permanent Health Cards for Employees and Pensioners. The Employees has to enroll their Names from their working offices only and the Pensioners has to enroll directly at Arogyasri Health website efh.cgg.gov.in. Upto now more or less 7,21,000 Health Cards were issued out of these Pensioners are in larger than Employees in enroll of Health Cards. But from 1 week the Employees enrollment at a very high range at Online to the Applications are scrutinizing and issuing Health Cards for the all eligible Employees and Pensioners, nearly 11,000 Temporary Health Cards/HC are issuing every day. This Udyogasri Cashless Health Scheme for the 8,60,000 Employees and 5,40,000 Pensioner's Families are going to benefit and 40,00,000 Employees and Pensioners Family members are benefiting from this Health Scheme and has to issue these Temporary Health Cards to them. The Govt ordered Financial Dept is collecting Data from DDO at www.fdp.cgg.gov.in and orders for Comprehensive Financial Management Service-CFMS implementing HRMS Module for collecting Data(fdp.cgg.gov.in) and issue Health Cards by the FD, website Fdp.cgg.gov.in put the web based Application and issued further instruction issued to the Dept. 
Special Centers for issue Permanent Health Cards:
From February 2014 the issue of Permanent Health Cards for Employees and Pensioner will be issued at Specially established Centers, these are at every Revenue Division Center. The Employees and Pensioners will get SMS to their Mobile/Cell about Data and Time for collecting the Finger Print/Bio-metric of the Temporary Health Cards received Employees and Pensioners. This avoid the waste of time and waiting for long ques and the whole process has to complete by as early as possible and by April 2014 Permanent Health Cards must reach to all AP Govt Employees and Pensioners.
If Wife and Husband both are Govt Employees there will chance for only 1 family and the fund amount also cut from that Employees salary only. As per the salary pay scale category the Rs.90/- to 120/- will be cut for this Udyogasri Employees Health Scheme.
Further at www.fdp.cgg.gov.in


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