AP Govt Employees/Pensioners Medical Reimbursement till 31 march 2014

Ehf.gov.in AP Govt Employees/Pensioners Medical Reimbursement Extended till 31-3-2014 for Employees not get Health Cards. 15,00,000 Employees/Pensioners got their Health Cards for Cashless Treatment.
AP Govt Employees/Pensioners now get their Medical Reimbursement Scheme till 31-3-2014, the Govt relax to this Date due to most of Employees did not get their Health Cards as per the Schedule time. The Govt relax with the slow response from Employees and some Private Corporate Hospitals not offering Medical Services to the Govt Employees without Health Cards for Cashless Treatment. The Higher Officials ordered the Andhra Pradesh Medical Education Director about this Medical Reimbursement relax till 31-3-2014. The Employees who got their Health Cards already they go with the Cashless Treatment at any Hospitals. The Medical Reimbursement leads to earlier system of First the Employee will pay his/her total Medical Bill personal then submit for Reimbursement to the Govt through their Departments channel, after approval from Govt the total Medical will be Reimbursed to the Employees A/C. 
In December 2013 the AP Govt orders the Medical Reimbursement did not claim if the Employees not eligible for Medical Reimbursement if he/she did not have Temporary Health Card. Now the Govt relax to these Employees who did not have Temporary Health Cards. There are 70,00,000 Employees and Pensioner their Family Members under this Health Schemes but only 15,00,000 got their Health Cards for Cashless Treatment Schemes. Lot of Private Corporate Hospitals did not agree for Cashless Treatment in their Hospitals for the Employees with these problems Govt accept the last date extension for Medical Reimbursement for the Andhra Pradesh Govt Employees/Pensioners. There are already 8,000 files claim  for Medical Reimbursement from the Employees/Pensioners at Medical Dept these Claims will be settle very soon due to Separation of State into 2 parts as Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. 


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