AP 10th Class SSC Exam Papers Pattern change New Grading System

Bseap.org/SSC Board changing 10th Class/SSC Syllabus with Exam Papers, Pattern, Papers, New Grading System, Pass Marks increase. Subject wise number of Papers, Marks.
The SSC Board making changes in Exam stream also as well as Syllabus for 10th Class/SSC from 2014. The AP 10th Class/SSC Students are going with New Syllabus from this Academic Year the New Syllabus Text Books also available at Book Stores in open market also. The AP State Education and Research Institute came with new proposals for the Tenth Class with this Students has study the well to answer the questions with good knowledge on each Subjects and Chapter/Lesson otherwise they are not able to answer from now onwards because the Questionnaire is going to change, the by-heart Students can not answer with this new system. The new system for SSC with 80% Marks for Written Exam and 20% Marks are for constructive correction, this system is now in CBSE also. 4 times Unit Tests and taking the average of this 4 Unit Exams for final issue Final Marks, there would be only 1 paper for each Language or Subject from 2014, now there 2 papers for each Subject, with new system only Science Subject will have 2 papers, Science Paper-1 Physics and Science Paper-2 Biology with each 50 marks per Paper. The Passing Marks also increase from 35 marks to 40 marks, the Written Exam for 80 marks out this 30 marks are Pass marks and 100 marks 40 marks are for pass for SSC/10th Class. If Student did not get 30 marks in Written Exam and able to get 40 marks in average he/she is not Pass the SSC. 
Exam Question Paper would be like: 
5 marks questions 4=5 x 4=20 marks, 
3 marks questions 10= 3 x 10= 30 marks,
2 marks questions 10= 2 x 10= 20 marks, 
1 mark questions 10= 1 x 10= 10 marks,
Total of 80 marks for Written Exam. 
5 marks questions and 3 marks only will have choice of selection to Answer. 
Each Exam will have 3 hours time to write answer. 
The Exam will conduct day by day only. 
There would 15 minutes additional time understand the Question Paper by the Students.
The Grading method also taking small change from earlier system: New Grading System-
Marks Range     Grade
91-100               A1 
81-90                 A
71-80                 B1
61-70                 B
51-60                C1
40-50                C
0-39                  D
Subject wise Marks as: 600 Marks total for 6 Subjects and 7 Papers-
1. 1st Language (Telugu/Hindi/Urdu)- 100 marks
2. 2nd Language(Telugu/Hindi)- 100 marks
3. 3rd Language(English)- 100 marks
4. Mathematics-100 marks
5. Physics/Chemistry-50 marks
6. Biology- 50 marks
7. Social Studies-100 marks.
This would system in Exams for Papers, Subjects. 


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